52 Weeks of Shawls by Laine Magazine

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At last, 52 Weeks of Shawls is now on its way.  Due for release on the 30 April this is the long awaited companion to 52 Weeks of Socks.  As the name suggests, this book contains 52 shawl patterns covering all types, lace, mosaic, textured in all shapes and there's sure to be quite a few that are going to be a must knit.  The book asked 50 designers to contribute and this include Stephen West, Fiona Alice, Rebekah Berkompas,, Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre,, Aude Martin, Helen Mawdsley and Jeanette Sloan to name a few.

As expected from Laine Publishers, this book is beautifully presented and photographed. It's cloth bound and would make a fabulous gift.