Feb 2021

Knitting in the Round and Blocking Part 1

First post in this new blog and I should introduce myself.  I'm Sharon, owner of and worker at Great British Yarns.  Assisted by husband, Ian who does the accounts and stock control, in the form of 'don't buy anything else' and Daisy the dog, who likes to stand on my printer when I'm in the warehouse.  That's it really.  We live in a hamlet a few miles south of Perth, Scotland.  Originally from Bath, this is a little different, but beautiful and we love living here.

Now, down to the real business of the blog.  A discussion of knitting and other things.  I would love to receive comments, preferably helpful ones on how you've improved your knitting.   This week I started a very pretty lacy top for my 6 month old grand daughter.  It's knitted in the round, apart from the first couple of inches which is knitted to and fro for the neck opening.  Nothing sinister so far.  Here is a link to the pattern. Little Erantis Top by Knitting for Sif.  I'm using Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton for this top as it is a good quality cotton that's machine washable so perfect for young children.  I'm using 3.00 mm needles and so that's all ok.  Did I swatch?  Nooooo, but I've used this particular cotton before (and I mean this particular cotton as it's been unpicked several times) and I'm not too worried about the size but mostly I'm lazy.   
Little Erantis Top

Anyway, leaving the 'To Swatch or Not to Swatch' question for another time, I cast on and worked backwards and forwards for slightly more than the allotted amount, due to watching 'A Place in The Sun' and wondering whether Portugal, Spain or Greece is the preferred spot for our new holiday apartment.  Eventually I remembered sun and heat aren't my friends, we don't have the funds for a holiday apartment and that something didn't look right.  Not to worry, I thought I'd add a ribbed band fastening because I can't crochet a loop as the pattern demands in any case.

So I carried on and joined the knitting in the round and merrily set off knitting, doing yarn overs and moving stitch markers with impressive speed and dexterity.  However, a few rounds down and I can see that things aren't as beautiful as anticipated.  There is a definite difference in tension between the back and forth knitting and knitting in the round.  It's really noticeable to my eye.  I asked Ian but he said he couldn't see a thing, but then added 'once you've come out of the rib'.  What rib?  That was a little disappointing to say the least.  I spent quite some time wondering whether to unpick, but thought that wouldn't work unless I then steeked it and come on, this is a baby top.  So I spoke to daughter about it.  She said it didn't matter as Isobel would immediately be sick on it so the state of the stitches would probably be immaterial.  I'm ploughing on and am hoping this will come out when blocked.  If you have any ideas, comments, hints or tips on this, do please let me know.  Although I probably won't unpick this one.
Strange Tension

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