Fair Isle Knitting Patterns by Mary Macgregor

Fair Isle Knitting Patterns by Mary Macgregor

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During the course of her research into Fair Isle patterns, Macgregor discovered over 60 different stencil pages of Robert Willliamson's patterns from the 1920s. In total there are over 300 patterns. She organised them according to the horizontal repeat ie how the knitter would want to find them to plan their project. At the end of the book is a summary table which shows which families of patterns can be used for a project according to the number of stitches in the project.

It is the only Fair Isle knitting book available which orders the patterns in this logical fashion. 

This excellent source book is useful for beginners and more experienced knitters alike. It is printed on A4 sized thick gloss paper, ideal for frequent use. The spiral binding keeps the book open at the right page.