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Great British Yarns Fair Isle Colours Competition Part 2

Well, further to the previous post regarding our competition, I'm really pleased to say the tam is finished and it looks great!  Here it is 
The Winner
Don't you think the colours look fabulous?  The Mimosa really does pop as much as I'd hoped and I like the chocolate/oatmeal combination as it grounds it all a bit.  Lucy (daughter) said several times that it looked like those Chocolate Lime boiled sweets she used to eat (When, I never bought boiled sweets?) but once it was finished, she declared it didn't and that she liked the colours a lot.  This is great praise indeed.  It does still look a bit retro which I'm pleased about as Ian wanted this to be about his mum.  Below is a photo of the rest of the tam.


So, Anne - well done!  I'm really pleased with the colours and think that you chose well.  The contrast between the shades show the patterns clearly and the pop of the Mimosa against the lime is fabulous. 

You'll be able to buy the updated kit just as soon as Leprechaun comes back into stock.

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