Harriet's Hat and Headband Patterns

Harriet's Hat and Headband Patterns

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About Harriet's Hat and Headband Patterns

The fabulous hat, shown here, was designed as a fund raiser for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal, a worthy cause which will give Islanders access to an MRI Scanner without having to make the long and tiring journey to the mainland.  Swiftly joining the bright and vibrant hat pattern is a headband pattern - this is a reversible band and is a great, quick knit.  Please note these are two separate patterns and you need to choose which one you want.

Each pattern costs £4.00 and all proceeds go to the Appeal Fund.  Just to be clear, we're not making any money on selling these but are doing so as we think this is a worthwhile cause.  

We hope you'll support this Appeal and make a hat - if you have lots of leftovers of Shetland yarn, this is a great way to use them up.  We also sell this as a kit with a discount on the cost of the  yarn.  You'll find these in the Knitting Kit section.

Harriet's Hat/Headband :