KnitPicks Mosaic Interchangeable SHORT TIPS Set

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Great British Yarns
Fabulous set of short Interchangeable tips from KnitPicks. These laminated birch tips are smooth and sharp, lovely to handle. The cables are very good quality. This set contains 7 pairs of needles and 2 cables, 4 sets of cable ends and 2 keys. Needle Sizes 3.5 mm, 3.75 mm, 4.00 mm. 4.5 mm, 5.00 mm, 5.50 mm, 6.00 mm/ Cable Sizes: 2 x 60 cm lengths (Final cable length is achieved when both needles & cables are joined together) 

The Mosaic set is made up of Radiant, Caspian and Majestic needle tips, matched with black cables.