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Knitting in the Round and Blocking Part 2

Firstly I would like to say thank you to all of you who commented or emailed giving me hints and tips on how to avoid the uneven stitching.  I will reply to you all, but I don't know how at the moment and am waiting for the software people to let me know what to do.  

Moving on, I finished the little top yesterday evening and it looked like a limp rag.  I meant to take a photo and completely forgot.  However, I'm sure you will know what I meant by that.  This morning, I soaked the top in tepid water with some wool wash - I use  Eucalan which is excellent for delicates and as an added bonus is no rinse - perfect for the lazy.  It had a soak for about 30 minutes, mostly because I became distracted into riveting household tasks, putting washing away, cooking lunch and making sure Ian had something  useful to do at all times.  After soaking, it was rolled in a towel and gently squeezed to remove the excess water.  Then blocking.  I bought these 'blocking boards' or 'hopscotch' squares from B&Q a couple of years ago and very useful they are.  It was then pinned out using dressmaking marking pins because guess what? I couldn't find the 3 packs of KnitPro T Pins that I own.  They are by far the best for blocking, but anyway, they are somewhere safe, probably laughing at me.
Izzy's Sweater

This is the outcome so far.  You can still see the ridge a bit and definitely the marks where the increases took place.  I looked at all the finished projects on Ravelry for this pattern and the increase marks on most projects were quite noticeable. However, the unevenness of the top bit, where I picked up the stitches on one sleeve with a large circular to do magic loop and then changed my mind, and some general poor tension in knitting is showing.  Maybe when it dries it might even out a bit more, but frankly I'm not hopeful.  Still, Isobel isn't a position to complain and frankly nor is her mother, so I'm not too worried about the general state of it.

So, I did enjoy knitting this, but I think a wool might be better.  I'm going to get straight onto it.  What about the Krea Deluxe Cotton?  I liked the feel of it and it knitted well., especially when you take into account I'd unpicked this cotton at least three or four times when knitting a really lacy cardigan during our epic 'Game of Thrones' marathon watch last summer.  You can't do both and I used to knit really fast when the gory bits came on - every 3 seconds.  The top took almost 2 balls so very good really.  I had unpicked both of the balls several times, I was determined not to give up.  So, to sum up, I like the pattern and will try it again  using something more forgiving of increases etc and I like the cotton and will use it again on something more easy going.  I will add a photo of the completely finished article.

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There are one or two moments in Game of Thrones where I have to not watch - generally the ones to do with eyes. It's good when you know what's coming and can focus on looking elsewhere. The top is very petty, I especially like the edge and it's a gorgeous colour.
Posted By: Anne Artymiuk - 26 Feb 2021 14:50
Do the increases with a yo like you did for the raglans. That way they will be an obvious decorative feature. Easier than trying to hide them!
Posted By: julia rees - 7 Mar 2021 21:33

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