Lazadas Blocking Wires

Lazadas Blocking Wires

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About Lazadas Blocking Wires

  1. Looking for a more professional finish to your garments and shawls?  These are just the thing.  Lazadas blocking wires are super bendy and are perfect for all blocking projects including circular shawls.  The fine wires will allow you to flatten out curled edges, put points on your shawls and block to size and shape.  You can use these on fine to chunky weight yarns.

    We sell three sizes - long, short and mixed.  The wires are rustproof and strong and are packaged in a handy reuseable clear storage bag.

  2. Long Set contains 5 wires each 70 inches (180 cm) long 

    Mixed Set contains  3 x 70 inches (180 cm) and 4 x 35 inch wires (90 cm wires)

    Short set contains 10 wires x 35 inches (90 cm) long 

    All sets contain 30 Nickel Blocking T pins

Lazadas Blocking Wires :