Loch Leven Tam Kit

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About Loch Leven Tam Kit

This tam is named after the Loch near my home, where I walk my dogs most days.  There's a beautiful 13 mile trail around the Loch which encompasses woodlands, country trails, and a bit of a river walk.  It's teeming with wildlife and surrounded by hills on two sides.  Anyway, it's lovely and I just felt inspired to make this. The yarn used for this tam is Baa Ram Ewe Pip Colourwork, as I wanted to try this out - and very nice it is too.  You could substitute Jamieson's Spindrift or Palette or even Explorer Fine Tweed.  

The kit contains 5 x 25g Baa Ram Ewe Pip Colourwork plus printed pattern and a project bag.

We also sell this as a single pattern and a download.