Chiaogoo End Stoppers

Chiaogoo End Stoppers

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About Chiaogoo End Stoppers

Need your needle tips for another project?  Obviously not because you only knit one thing at a time....  however, if you want to try on your garment without injury to yourself or garment then these little Chiaogoo end stoppers will be just the thing.  Screw these to the cable and your stitches will be safe.   Each pack contains two stoppers.

Make sure you buy the correct size for your needles:


Mini stoppers work only with mini cables  (needle tip sizes 1.5mm to 2.5mm)

Small stoppers work only with small cables (needle tip sizes  2.75mm to 5.0mm)

Large stoppers work only with  large cables (needle tip sizes 5.50mm to 10mm)

Chiaogoo Stoppers :