De Rerum Natura Berenice 25g

De Rerum Natura Berenice 25g

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Bérénice is a unique blend of extra-fine Angora goat fibres from South African farms committed to animal welfare and the soft, plump wool of our organic Merinos d'Arles, spun into loops around a strong, shiny silk yarn, then combed to give the desired to tousled, voluminous look. 

The yarn is then dyed using ecological dyes that comply with GOTS specifications to reduce its environmental impact.


Bérénice was created to enrich the textures and colours of our yarns and open up new horizons for them. Combined with UlysseGilliatt and Cyrano, it makes them discreetly shiny and irresistibly soft; combined with Albertine and Pénélope, it gives them lightness and voluptuousness for a precious knitting experience and creations.

Whether tone-on-tone or playing on more adventurous contrasts, these combinations add depth and a new sparkle to the palette of our yarns and make you want to rediscover them in a new range of projects and gauges.

It's also a beautiful lace yarn, very fluffy without being too hairy, which when knitted on its own creates a diaphanous, frothy material that's very inspiring.


This yarn is not super wash treated. We recommend washing your knitted fabric in warm water with soap or a suitable detergent. If you wish to test the wool programme of your machine, we advise you to do so first with your sample.



55% Super Kid Mohair labelled RMS,Responsible MohairStandards (South Africa)

25 % mulberry silk (China)

20 % organic Merinos d'Arles (France) 

230 yds (210 m) / 25 g

GAUGE (for 10 x 10 cm of st st)


30 sts x 48 rows, 2.5 mm needles US 1

Berenice :