Eucalan Wool Wash

Eucalan Wool Wash

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About Eucalan Wool Wash

  1. This wool wash is designed for delicates and is full of natural oils such as lanolin to keep your items soft and static-free, Eucalan is completely free from bleach, phosphates, petro-chemicals and any synthetic dyes or fragrances. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and produced in recyclable bottles. Eucalan’s ‘no rinse’ formula means less water, less energy use and less ‘agitation’ – saving you money as well as protecting the environment and your laundry.   It really doesn't need rinsing and you only need a small amount - this 100 ml bottle will be sufficient for approximately 20 handwashes (or 6 machine washes).

  2. Choose from 5 scents:

    Eucalyptus, which inhibits moths and other crawlies to protect natural fibres before storage

    Lavender, which calms, relaxes and aids sleep, as well as having moth-inhibiting properties

    Grapefruit, with antiseptic qualities – great for lingerie, sportswear and baby clothes

    Natural, for those who prefer their laundry unscented

    Wrapture, the jasmine-based scent

    All Eucalan scents are created from natural oils.

    100 ml bottle