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New beginnings

Hi I'm Tina and I am the very proud new owner of Great British Yarns. 

I have been a keen knitter for a number of years now and love nothing more than spending my evenings scrolling through Pinterest looking for my next project (in fact that is a bit of a lie, I have hundreds of next projects lined up but one more won't hurt!) and then nosing through my favourite yarn shops to find some yarn to suit what I have just found. Great British Yarns has always been on my "favourites" list , I love the its "all about the wool approach", no frills just really good quality yarn. So you can imagine my surprise/horror when reading the retirement sale banner.

After dreaming of  the possibilities for a few days I shared my thoughts with my husband, Rich, who suggested giving the owners a call just to have a chat. Well after a few days of more thinking and planning what to say I finally I plucked up the courage to press the green call button.

Well the rest is history really. After a few weeks sorting out the logistics and then a couple of trips up Scotland to meet the delightful Sharon and Ian we found ourselves with a business. On our last visit we drove up in our campervan so we could bring back a pile of boxes and stuff and I remember looking at at the jam packed van and thought oh my, what have we done! For a start where are we going to put all the wool!

Fast forward about 3 months and here we are. We have survived our first Christmas and we are finally getting used to our new way of life. Things at home have definitely changed and I don't think I've gone for longer than hour with talking or thinking about wool. Bliss I hear you say, well you are definitely right! I'm having the time of my life getting to know the industry from the other side. I am so lucky to have taken over from such a well respected predecessor, Sharon has definitely made my life easier when talking to suppliers and wholesalers but mostly she is so highly respected by her customers, I have some big shoes to fill!. Overall I feel everyone is really pleased that Great British Yarns lives on.

I will finish off my first blog by thanking all the wonderful GBYs clients that have been so incredibly supportive. I have received so many well wishes and words of encouragement which have been so welcomed when I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that a new business brings ! I'm so excited for the 2024 and can't wait to see what happens next.

But for now happy knitting guys, you know where we are :-) 

Love Tina x

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