Hi there! I'm Tina, the face behind Great British Yarns. Along with my supportive husband, Rich, and our adorable furry family, we took over from Sharon and Ian Spencer in October 2023.

Even though our little wool shop has no walls it is brimming with colour, texture and a very welcoming clientele that I am loving getting to know.

Read on to find out a little more about who we are, what we stand for and our visions for the future Great British Yarns...

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We are a small home-run personable business whose focus is on customer service and quality products. 

Our Ethos

We are deeply passionate about providing beautiful quality yarn that I love to use for my own knitting creations. Our yarns have been gathered from here in the UK and abroad, with a strong focus on the customers we serve.

Our commitment is both to create a sense of value for every single one of our cherished customers, and foster a blossoming creative community that loves our yarns as much as we do. And, our vision for Great British Yarns, is to create the equivalent of a local yarn shop. The way we shop has changed so much over the last few years and unfortunately, for many of us, the shop down the road that we used to visit with our Mums or Grandmas doesn’t exist these days. So, I was inspired to recreate it online!

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To enable our customers to fulfil their creative passion for knitting.

White ball of Yarn with needles line drawing.

oUR vision

To inspire a new generation of knitters.

Why We Love What We Do

April 10, 2024

Can not recommend highly enough, I've ordered twice and both times the parcel has been wonderfully packaged with a lovely personalised hand written note which I love (it's the little touches that keep me wanting to come back when buying yarn or other knitting accessories!). The website is really user friendly and finding different brands and/or weights of yarn is set out perfectly! Delivery has always been super fast. I highly recommend! Can't wait to place my next order!

Amy W

Jan 14, 2024

I had a lovely shopping experience with Great British Yarns. I was shopping for a specific yarn which I wasn’t really expecting to find in the UK. I was so pleased to find this in Great British Yarns. There is a great selection of yarns/colours and ordering was so straightforward. If I could have given extra stars for the speed of delivery I would have. Dispatch and delivery was so quick which, for knitters keen to get started on a project, is ideal. Fantastic customer service thank you.

Patricia S

Knitting is a relatively newfound passion for me, although it runs deep in my family lineage. My late introduction to this craft has only made me more eager to catch up, and now, like every other knitting enthusiast, I find myself inseparable from my knitting needles.

Our home in Staffordshire has been transformed into the heart of Great British Yarns, with my kitchen serving as an office, and my utility room a bustling packing area. It's a joy having the business so deeply integrated into our home, it now feels like part of the furniture!

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My love for knitting has led me here. Great British Yarns is an extension of my passion, and my hope is that it will give others the confidence and inspiration to fulfil their passion, too.

I envisage an environment where I welcome every customer, chatting and assisting wherever I can with things such as shades and weights of yarn — but mostly, I love just being nosey and learning about what everyone is creating! Seeing our customers transform our products into their own beautifully unique creations brings me immense joy and satisfaction. I know it’s a tough task online but we’re going to give it our all and your ongoing support means the world to us.

And with all of that said, what more can we say other than a very warm welcome to Great British Yarns! Grab your needles, get on board and don't hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any help and support — Happy Knitting!

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My weekly newsletter is an essential component of my community spirit. It has become a central focus of my business and this is thanks to regular customer participation and the odd snippet of shop gossip. I share helpful tips and inspiration to provide every knitter with a cheat or a helping hand. But most importantly, it fosters a sense of community. After all, where would we be without each other?

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