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Clint by Natasja Hornby

Clint by Natasja Hornby

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The design for Clint was inspired by the ancient art of quilting, transformed into a modern, wearable shawl. Clint's colour options are endless, allowing for bold contrasts or subtle harmonies to express your creativity. Each block is knit modularly, attaching to the main body as you go, simplifying construction and making it portable and manageable for on-the-go knitting.
Knit entirely in garter stitch, this project suits most skill levels. The rhythmic garter stitch provides a soothing knitting experience, while the modular construction keeps it engaging and fun.
Unleash the artist within you, and create a unique heirloom piece that reflects your personal style!

Clint is a large boomerang-shaped shawl, constructed modularly to eliminate the need for seaming. You will start with the centre Modular Star Pattern, working blocks individually and attaching them seamlessly while you knit.
After the centre piece is completed, you will pick up stitches at the upper and lower edge of the centre piece. Next, you will pick up stitches for the sideways-worked wings of your shawl.
You will proceed by finishing the upper edge of your shawl with an attached I-cord, followed by picking up stitches to work the lower scalloped edge.


Approx 190 cm / 75” along the top edge of the shawl and 60 cm / 23.5” deep.


Fingering weight yarn.

C1 approx 600 m / 655 yards.
C2 approx 310 m / 340 yards.
C3 approx 210 m / 230 yards.
C4 approx 115 m / 125 yards.

The sample is shown in Isager Merilin, 80% wool and 20% linen, 208 m / 227 yards per 50 gr.
Colourways sample: C1 10 (light blue), C2 59S (ochre), C3 16 (blue-green), C4 1 (orange).


Needle A (for the garter stitch sections of the shawl)
One 80 cm / 40” circular needle, in size is needed to obtain the gauge listed.
Suggested needle size: 3.5 mm / US #4.

Needle B (for attached I-cord)
Two short double pointed needles.
Suggested needle size: 3.75 mm / US #5.

Needle C (for the scalloped edge)
Short straight or circular needle(s).
Suggested needle size: 3.25 mm / US #3.


Measured after blocking.

Garter Stitch on Needle A:
23 sts x 46 rows = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4”.

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