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Salt Water Socks by Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott

Salt Water Socks by Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott

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Is anything more humble or more useful than a sock? Is anything better than a cozy pair of hand-knit socks on a chilly day? Saltwater Socks is dedicated to the glory of these socks and to the colourful caps, scarves, gloves, and mittens that go with them.

In this, the fourth volume of Saltwater knitting from the Island of Newfoundland, award-winning authors Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott showcase their Atlantic affinity and their enthusiasm for small projects. The two dozen designs in this book are created for today, while paying tribute to Newfoundland's history and vibrant culture.

Saltwater Socks includes clearly and expertly designed patterns, rated by difficulty and accompanied by insightful tips. Every pattern is adaptable in size and colour combinations to suit your wants and whims. Gorgeous photographs will inspire you on your knitting journey.

From sturdy double ball vamps to delicate sleep socks, children's play socks to funky and fashionable legwarmers, this book has it all. Enough to fill your boots!

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